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t’s been quite a successful blackout day around the internet. Apparently Google got our message and Wikipedia got our tweetto go ahead and join the blackout. That was some huge support. (No, I don’t actually believe either of these organizations made this decision because of this little blog. An eight year old could have seen it was the right way to go.)

It makes you wonder… will the news media run by SOPA / PIPA supporting companies be reporting this internet wide blackout?

Shortly after midday, Google said 4.5 million people had signed its petition. Meanwhile, Wikipedia said 5.5 million people had clicked through the blackout message on its home page for information on how to contact their local lawmakers.

They couldn’t really hope to ignore it at this point and expect to maintain any sort of credibility. SOPA is now the “Ron Paul of legislature.” At least in the sense that the media did its best to ignore both until after the public actively educated and reported what was collectively seen as valuable information. Community Journalism 2; Established Media 0.

Speaking of community journalism, Green Pirate will soon be announcing it’s own community journalism project. At least insofar as one may consider blogging journalism. Let’s not forgot that this whole SOPA/PIPA protest movement began with bloggers (yeah, we were against SOPA / PIPA and ACTA before it was cool). Anyway, more to come on that.

If you liked Green Pirate’s blackout page and want to sit there and stare at it for some strange reason (Green Pirate doesn’t judge), you can find it at:http://www.greenpirate.org/blackout.html

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