Turn a Thrift Store Lamp Into a Flexible Desk Stand for Book or Tablet

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Note: This was previously posted in March, but disappeared.

If you don’t count the $100 drill I bought myself last Valentine’s Day, this was a fairly inexpensive alternative to most of the tablet holders I’ve seen. It was also fun to remix a few common items for a new purpose. Great for supporting a Nook on your desk. Hands-free. At head level.


As you see in the above image, this stand consists of three main parts. Here are the ingredients:

  1. Flexible lamp from a thrift store. $5-$6 (probably cheap or free if it’s not working)
  2. An inexpensive, simple book stand. May generally be more expensive. This was a score at Half Price Books. $4
  3. An aluminum gutter hanger. $2
  4. A couple of screws and bolts.

In addition to these parts you’ll need access to a drill, clamp, and some safety gloves and glasses because you will produce a few aluminum shards.

You can likely figure it out on your own. Dismantle the lamp to salvage the base and flexible shaft of the stand, removing the light socket and power cord. You may need to cut the cord to remove it, but you can save this for later if you like.

Bend your gutter hanger to the appropriately shapes aluminum strip. Use the clamp and a pair of pliers if you have trouble straightening this by hand. Mark where will need to drill holes in order to attach it to the stand.

Clamp the aluminum strip and drill holes where you previously marked it. Screw a third hole through the middle where it will be mounted to the shaft.

Screw holes through the front and back of the plastic book stand where the aluminum strip is to be attached.

Piece it all together with the nuts and the bolts and the pudding!

Hold onto that cord because you may want to run it back up the shaft and modify it as a local USB charger input or something. Maybe a book light. Maybe… both! It’s a really simple, effective, adjustable, desktop book or tablet stand! Sham. Fucking. WOW!

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