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Koppla VPN Banned for User Torrent Activity

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

A small VPN service, Koppla, has had its service terminated by its host, Santrex Hosting Solutions. Despite actively advertising their services to be oriented toward file-sharing including torrents and XDCC, even going so far as to put “Seedbox Hosting | An Effective Solution” in the title of their contact page, the UK based Santrex will independently act to terminate users who are thought to be distributing content that they don’t own the copyright to. This is regardless of whether the infringement is done by a third party, as is the case with a VPN service such as Koppla who received only this generic explanation for the abrupt discontinuation of their hosting service.

Your server has been suspended due to malicious traffic, this is either port scanning or torrent / warez downloading.

Under Santrex’s TOS it is clear that they will terminate service for anything they perceive to be infringing activity, specifically stating that their customers will be held liable for the activity of a third party using their service.

Third Party Accountability: subscribers will be held responsible and accountable for any activity by third parties, using their account, that violates guidelines created within the Acceptable Use Policy.

Unfortunately, copyright law in the UK calls this “secondary infringement” which includes knowingly enabling or assisting in copyright infringement. However, the ECJ has just ruled that service providers are not obligated to monitor for such traffic and are safeguarded by the E.U. Charter of Fundamental Rights.

This ruling may have finally established a safe harbor for ISPs in the EU as it would be pretty difficult to claim secondary infringement when there is no obligation for service providers to have knowledge of user activity. It is unreasonable to expect that this is possible or feasible anyway.

Perhaps this ruling came a bit too late for Koppla, but the implications look good for the future. Green Pirate caught up with on of the owners of Koppla who did not seem too deterred by the current interruption in service.

TBH, I’m not really all that concerned as it was never that great a connection…always dropping off. However I suppose you get what you pay for. [...] I got what I paid for ;)

Perhaps under the new ECJ ruling, smaller services will no longer have to sacrifice their rights as a bargaining chip for affordable service.

BTGuard – A bittorrent proxy for anonymous file transfers!

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Having spent a few years as a Supermod for a popular bittorrent related forum, the most common concern I’ve seen among members is the fear of the men in black kicking down their door, guns a-blazin’, just because their IP address shows up on a bittorrent transfer of a DRM-free version of a song, game or movie they want to back up (…for example).

While this is a wildly exaggerated scenario, there is some legitimacy to their concerns. With some ISPs now voluntarily enforcing a 3 strikes policy that says they will terminate your internet service upon the third DMCA notice sent regarding your IP address, many of the millions of bittorrent users out there are looking for a little bit of privacy. I’ve seen quite a few of the notices sent to ISP customers and have never seen an option to contest the accusation. Regardless of whether you were involved with the alleged transfer, you have either to admit guilt else have your service disconnected.

So anyway, I’m browsing my favorite bittorrent related news site, TorrentFreak, and I see an add for BTGaurd’s bittorrent proxy service (sometimes it pays to have AdBlock turned off ;) ). This piqued my interest because, while I am aware of VPNs, I had not heard of a decent & affordable proxy service designed for bittorrent before. After looking into it, I really think bittorrent users will have no worries about being molested by copyright attorneys once they begin using this service.

Here’s a run down:

  • Anonymous file-sharing
  • Inexpensive – $6.95 / month with discounts for longer term subscriptions
  • Software is easy to install and use (see video below this post)
  • Compatible with uTorrent and Vuze
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux OS
  • No records of usage stored
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Unlimited download speeds (still waiting for a response re: what kind of upload speeds should users expect?)
  • Puts and end to ISP throttling
  • Servers located in Canada and Germany


BTGuard’s response to my inquiry about speeds (thanks for the reply guys!):

We do provide unlimited bandwidth. Speeds and connections vary from person to person and are based entirely on what they download and the connections provided to them for that download. Some people report getting faster downloads through us mainly due to throttling. Others get slower speeds then what they are used to. It all seems to be in the eye of the beholder. Some people will praise us for getting 100kbps which they never could before, others complain that 4mbps  is way too slow and they demand 50 or higher.



BTGuard - BitTorrent Anonymously