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The Cranberries New Album “Roses” Pirated Early

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

The Cranberries first new album in 11 years, “Roses”, was leaked in full FLAC format* today. Although scheduled to be released on February 27th, a KickAss Torrents uploader known as somethingvague has released the album on the public torrent site a full 10 days ahead of schedule.

This should be great news for The Cranberries fans everywhere who likely first heard of the Irish group when their chart topping protest song “Zombie” was released in 1994. This may also bode well for the band’s bottom line if it is true that file-sharers tend to buy more music… not to mention all the publicity a leak like this can bring in the form of blog and news articles. It will certainly be interesting to see the response from the band as well as fans.

*If you hold the rights to this album, please be advised that this link does not lead to the album content. It leads to a page on, which does not host content. This site is hosted in the US and the link is posted with a clear conscience and understanding that it does not infringe upon copyright law. Green Pirate neither encourages nor discourages readers to participate in pirating this album. It is up to the reader to decide independently whether or not they wish to do that. Even if Green Pirate wanted to, which it doesn’t, it could not stop this album from being pirated. It’s happening. Drink about it.

Like If You Agree!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Perhaps the best part of this article about the music industry suing the government of Ireland for not implementing SOPA like laws that would coerce ISPs to perform DNS blocking is the following statement made by an anonymous reader in the comments section:

I value the principle of a separation of powers, especially when it comes to industries that are entirely dependent on power of the state to [maintain] a business model.

Does that not sum up the very source of the burden that the entertainment intellectual properties industry has placed on the world? In which type of free market economic scenario can any industry without providing any real service or value be sustained through force of law. If it were possible to simply pass a law that the economy functions well, don’t you think the Obama regime would have don’t that instead of floating it on credit?

The most important question everyone should ask themselves at this time is whether we can afford to have these entertainment industry leeches sucking the life out of the government and people of the world while we are all in desperate need of economic improvement.

PS ~ I don’t care if you actually click “like” as I was only poking fun at the renobs who do that. However, I would like to remind you that this is a CC licensed blog with goal of seeding ideas relevant to our times. In other words… share! Share the shit out of it!

BUMA/STEMRA Music Copyright Group Pirates TV Shows?

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Stun tweets that an IP address used by BUMA/STEMRA, a sort of Dutch version of RIAA who sued Kazaa unsuccessfully in 2001 over the copyright infringement of its users, has been logged by sharing the first episode of the eighth season of Entourage.

Green Pirate would like to be the first to welcome BUMA/STEMRA (whichever you are) to the wonderful world of entertainment called internet piracy that offers a larger library and greater convenience than even money can buy! I wholeheartedly hope you enjoy that episode of Entourage, which for all I know is pretty tough to come by in the Netherlands. Kudos to you chaps for setting a better example and joining the rest of us who are enjoying the luxuries of modern technology. Perhaps this means you will refrain from suing fans who download the Dutch music you hold the rights to?