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Beginner Guide to ROM Save State Hacking

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Have you ever want to do a quick run through old game for nostalgia or maybe just have fun tweaking things to make the game different? If so, this is the thread for you! If you love old school video game emulation then you might really enjoy this. It’s fairly simple once you get the hang of it.

Things you’ll need:

  • An emulator (software that acts as a gaming console on your computer)
  • ROM (game file for the emulator)
  • Hex editor with a compare feature (This reads code in its raw hexadecimal equivalent, which is not generally human readable, but allows you to directly manipulate the code). Hex Workshop is a good one.

We’ll use a very simple example to explain how it works. This is, in effect, a type of reverse engineering so sometimes it may come down to trial an error, but there are things you can do to narrow your search once you get the basics down!

For this example, we’ll use the Super Mario Bros ROM with the NESticle emulator to hack the amount of lives Mario has.

1. Begin the game and make a save state. This should create a file along the lines of super_mario_bros.st0 in your NESticle folder somewhere. Now run into that first goomba kamikaze style and die. As they say in Soviet Russia, you hef to break a few Marios to make a hack.

2. Respawn! Change the save slot to slot 1 and save again. You now have two save state files ending in .st0 and .st1 corresponding to the save slots respectively.

3. Open these save state files in your hex editor. Use the “compare” tool and it while highlight any differences between the code in .st0 and .st1, which shouldn’t be too much because both save states were made at a similar point in the game.

What do we know so far? We know that .st0 has 3 lives and .st1 has 2 lives. We also know that the time on clock may be different and the animation on the coin icon may be set to a different frame, so there is likely going to be some differences in the code besides the amount of lives. We need to narrow it down to the code that sets the amount of lives. With this knowledge, we have two methods to go about doing this.

Method A
This a sort of brute force method of hacking a state. It can be slow going, but it is definitely necessary to know how to do this.

A1. Having compared the two state files, you can simply start with the first difference in code. Copy the hexcode from offset (hex address) of .st0 to the same offset in .st1, save .st1 and then load save slot 1 in Super Mario Bros.

A2. Look at Mario’s lives? Does it say 3 lives or is it still 2? If Mario still have only 2 lives, repeat the process in step 1 until you have 3 lives. Once it changes to 3 lives, you now know which offset you need to edit to change the amount of live Mario has. Want to have 99 lives? All you have to do is enter the hex value for 99, “63″, into the appropriate offset. You should be able to do this to any save state at any point in the game now.

Method B
While the previous method works quite well, we happen to know the value we want to search for so we can save ourselves a lot of time. This is why hacking number values is usually one of the easiest to accomplish. We will continue from where we left off comparing files in step 3 above.

B1. Convert the decimal 3 to the hex value for 3. Use a hex calculator. Oh what’ya know? 3 is still 3 in hexadecimal, but remember that it is probably going to be written as “03″ in the state file.

B2. Find the value “03″ within the hex code of st0. It should be in one of the areas already highlighted as different. Once you find it, check the same offset in st1 and it should be set to “02″. If so, you probably have the right one and you can try tweaking the code to see if it changes the amount of lives. If not, just find the next instance of “03″ in st0. This is much quicker than checking every difference in code as it really narrows down your search.
That’s it! You are now save state h4x0r! Lvl up!

There is a great joy that comes with reaching into the raw code of a game and bending it to your will. Have fun!

Homework: Try to find the offset which controls whether Mario is big, small, flower powered or star powered!

If you have some experience and want some insight into some more advanced tricks, see this post on how I discovered my trophy “No Random Encounters” code for Phantasy Star II!

Turn Nook Color Into Fully Functioning Android Tablet

Friday, August 26th, 2011

This looks like an awesome little hack brought to you by N2A. This tip via crosscut.

At around $250 the Nook Color (specs here) plus $35 for the N2A card, it may not be the best tablet for that price range, but this is definitely a noob-friendly, no-root-required solution for current owners who would like to get more from their machine. Maybe a good choice as a poor man’s tablet tho.

It looks comparable to the Android 2.2 A8 with more internal disk space and smaller screen size.

With the addition of a relatively inexpensive accessory ($35), the Nook Color becomes a fully functional Android tablet. Yes, your Nook Color can run the Kindle app.

A slick piece of software engineering by a company called N2A Cards has shoehorned an alternative Android OS onto a SanDisk micro-SD card. Just insert the card into the Nook Color’s SD card slot, power up the reader, and you now have a Gingerbread (V.2.3.4) tablet with many of the apps and services of a dedicated tablet. Cards with up to 64 gigabytes of storage are available through Switching between the two operating systems is easy. When you cold-start the Nook Color with the N2A card in place, you simply choose between the two systems.

The beauty of the N2A software is that it does not “root” or “jailbreak” the Nook Color — in other words, altering the device’s internal software to use it for purposes other than for which it was intended. The N2A approach simply swaps one operating system for another, like substituting ham for salami on a sandwich. No warranty issues are raised by the card’s use, according to the developer.

Diablo Guide to Save State Swapping

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

I conjured up this trick a few years ago while replaying the classic Diablo. Back then, I posted it at ign and figured I might as well preserve it here because the logic used to perform this little trick can be adapted to many games, I’m sure. Enjoy some nostalgia with a funky twist of h4x!


Hacktivate Android on Samsung Captivate SGH-i897 root, superuser access

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

My goal here is to help you, even if you are a rooting virgin, to penetrate your way deep into your Captivate, forever breaking the settings.db hymen that had previously prevented the insertion of non-market apps. Resist as she may, it shall be thrust upon her until she is liberated from her former inhibitions!

I am writing this mainly for Linux Ubuntu users with little to no experience. This should contain everything you need to root your Samsung GalaxyS / Captivate model SGH-i897 phone. It is a bit long as I tried to be as thorough as possible for noobs, but hopefully the extensive use of bold font will make browsing through the instructions easier for the rest of you.

Specs: I am working on Ubuntu 10.10 amd64 with the Samsung Captivate SGH-i897 running the Android 2.1 (Eclair) platform.

The Hypnogogic Hippocampus Hack

Friday, December 17th, 2010

The following is me hurriedly writing an experience I just had while intentionally holding myself in that state of mind between being asleep and awake, where I am unable to move my body, but still conscious enough to be aware of what I’m doing. This is apparently called hypnagogia, which may be mostly related to the hippocampus area of the brain.

Phantasy Star II No Random Encounters – Game Genie Code

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

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Game Genie code:


The hex address:value is at:


Above are the Game Genie codes to disable random encounters/attacks/battles for the Genesis game Phantasy Star 2 (PS2). The game has been around since 1990 and this code doesn’t seem to be published anywhere. I found a PAR code, but it didn’t work with the emulation tools I have. Since I’ve seen requests for this, I’ll explain how I found it for the sake of anyone else out there who spends more time tweaking games than playing them sometimes.

Anonymous hacks MPAA site –

Friday, October 15th, 2010

As seen @

So anonymous is still at it. The MPAA run site, has been hacked. Since the site redirects to and will likely be fixed eventually, I’m just going to mirror their message here in it’s entirety. I haven’t even read it yet, so enjoy. You can get more details at torrentfreak. That’s not exactly what I do here.