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Like If You Agree!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Perhaps the best part of this article about the music industry suing the government of Ireland for not implementing SOPA like laws that would coerce ISPs to perform DNS blocking is the following statement made by an anonymous reader in the comments section:

I value the principle of a separation of powers, especially when it comes to industries that are entirely dependent on power of the state to [maintain] a business model.

Does that not sum up the very source of the burden that the entertainment intellectual properties industry has placed on the world? In which type of free market economic scenario can any industry without providing any real service or value be sustained through force of law. If it were possible to simply pass a law that the economy functions well, don’t you think the Obama regime would have don’t that instead of floating it on credit?

The most important question everyone should ask themselves at this time is whether we can afford to have these entertainment industry leeches sucking the life out of the government and people of the world while we are all in desperate need of economic improvement.

PS ~ I don’t care if you actually click “like” as I was only poking fun at the renobs who do that. However, I would like to remind you that this is a CC licensed blog with goal of seeding ideas relevant to our times. In other words… share! Share the shit out of it!

Rival Gang Cartels Threaten Global Economy

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Notorious rival gang cartels known as MPAA and RIAA which experts believe got it’s start when entertainment producers and lawyers in Hollywood teamed up to find ways of exploiting copyright law to extract money from unwary citizens, have grown into out of control cartels with a sphere of influence reaching as high up as the President of the US and many other leaders of other nations.

These cartels have grown so powerful that they have powers “above the law” so to speak. They can have people incarcerated for publicly indexing hash strings or demand that ICE seizes domains, blocking global access to a website based on an accusation of copyright infringement without requiring an investigation or trial.

Governments Mimic Cell Phone Towers to Intercept, Shutdown Civilian Communications

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

This noteworthy article on Black Listed news explains how many governments around the world, Middle Eastern and Western alike, are using Datong and Triggerfish technology to track, intercept or even shut down your mobile phone communication.

Here is a nice article about how a device called Stingray was used in California to spy on a man for over a year until authorities found something they deemed criminal enough to make an arrest without a warrant.

There is not a whole lot you can do about this. Encrypt your data? Unfortunately, networks are designed to have total control over your data.

The GSM specification requires the handset to authenticate to the network, but does not require the network to authenticate to the handset. This well-known security hole can be exploited by an IMSI catcher.

The IMSI catcher masquerades as a base station and logs the IMSI numbers of all the mobile stations in the area, as they attempt to attach to the IMSI-catcher. It allows forcing the mobile phone connected to it to use no call encryption (i.e., it is forced into A5/0 mode), making the call data easy to intercept and convert to audio.

Every mobile phone has the requirement to optimize the reception. If there is more than one base station of the subscribed network operator accessible, it will always choose the one with the strongest signal. An IMSI-catcher masquerades as a base station and causes every mobile phone of the simulated network operator within a defined radius to log in. With the help of a special identity request, it is able to force the transmission of the IMSI.

UMTS is no safer and, as usual, there are companies positioning themselves to profit from your privacy invasion.

UMTS networks are growing fast around the world. Septier passive interception solutions support current implementations of these 3G networks. By utilizing advanced high performance hardware probes the solution is easy to deploy in a short time frame. Our systems excel in price/performance while utilizing small footprint at operator’s sites.

Intercepted information may include Voice calls, SMS, FAX, Packet data etc.

Common targeting criteria include MSISDN, IMSI, IMEI, DTMF and more.

DTMF? Is not sacred? They are out to steal your tones!

Long story short, whatever type of wireless communication you are using, most governments consider it fair game to intercept it without your permission. It seems that the last form of private communication is to mail a letter the old fashioned way. You might want to ship it in a lead lock box and send the key separately.