Reader Appreciation Time – 5,000 Green Pirate Visitors

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While I should really be waiting until I have an excuse to say “OVER 9000!!!”, I just want to say thanks to the readers, new and old, who have put Green Pirate well over 5,000 unique visitors for the last 30 day span. I’m not big into analytics so I pretty much just check the past months stats.

It may not be relatively much for the internet, especially after finding out I had over 40,000 readers in a day when Ernesto was kind enough to give me a guest post. It’s nice to keep to the underground vibe as I get a sense that most readers, particularly the returning ones, are my peers (in each sense of the word).

Blog promotion is pretty much limited to a twitter account with 93 followers, mirroring some posts at and spamming links in a few of my favorite irc haunts.

Maybe one day I’ll get on that promoting thing, but for now I think I’ll just keep writing like nobody’s reading.

Thanks again for reading my free Creative Commons work. Ctrl + C Ctrl + V all you like and in the spirit of Winston’s post… FUCK THE RIAA, MPAA AND DoJAA!

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