Germany to Facebook: No Facial Recognition, Plox!

Data protection officials in Deutschland have requested that Facebook turn off it’s facial recognition and delete any data they have gathered.

Oh BTW, did you know Facebook is using facial recognition to see who posts a picture of you yet? Yeah, they are doing that now. I guess I don’t really need to go into why this is creepy since that’s been done already.

You can opt out of this type of suggested photo tagging by going to Account > Privacy Settings > Customize Settings > Things others share > Suggest photos of me to friends When photos look like me, suggest my name > Edit Settings… and THEN you can set it to Disabled.

But that’s just to disable suggested tagging. Facebook is still going to find your face and log who posted the pic of you and there is nothing you can do about it! O_O

Well, there is something… It looks like there is a way to fool the software into not recognizing that your face is a face using what is called CV Dazzle. This is brilliant! It looks like we just got a wicked new cyberpunk trend.

While the Germans are looking out for the best interest of their netizens, what is being done in the US? Well, it appears that at least Connecticut’s Attorney General George Jepson has taken issue with the tagging system being opt-out instead of opt-in. However, he does not seem to possess the tech savvy of Hamburg’s commissioner for data protection and freedom of information, John Caspar, who seems to have gotten to the root of the problem. That is, there is no opt-out option from the facial recognition database!

But why should Jepson understand the difference? He’s an attorney general, not a tech head. The real question is, where is our commissioner for data protection and freedom of information?

What would Hasselhoff do?

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