Congrats to MEP Amelia Andersdotter!

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The final ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon, which changes the allowances for the number of members of European Parliament for some nations in the EU, is expected to be annexed to the original document in Rome this month. The changes will be active December 1st, 2011.

The Lisbon Treaty, in which the rules governing the European Union were last modified, limits the number of MEPs to 750 plus one president and tweaks their allocation among member states after the massive enlargements of 2005 and 2007.

Twelve countries are to gain one or more representatives – Spain: 4; Austria, France, and Sweden: 2; Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, and the UK: 1 – whereas Germany is set to lose three of them.

One of those 18 additions includes elected MEP of Sweden, Amelia Andersdotter of Piratpariet (Sweden’s Pirate Party). Sweden should consider itself lucky to have such a passionate, well informed representative who genuinely cares about the well being of the people of Sweden.

The Pirate Party platform revolves around three important issues which are not prejudice to race, class or any group less than the sum of all citizens. These issues are copyright and patent reform, less intrusive commercial and government surveillance (right to privacy) and increasing freedom of speech.

The people have spoken and elected Miss Andersdotter to represent them in these areas way back in 2009. Andersdotter has continued to stay active in Swedish politics in spite of not being on the payroll. You’ve heard of starving artists? Well, you might be able to call her a starving politician. On the bright side, she is probably more prepared and sharper than she has ever been to represent the people of Sweden.

Now Sweden’s citizens, including Amelia, are no doubt excitedly awaiting official announcement of when she will take her seat at parliament. Congratulations and best of luck to you all!

Update: The following e-mail message is from an excited Amelia Andersdotter to her supporters, friends, family and all.

Dear all,

It appears that me and my 17 Lisbon Treaty MEP colleagues will finally get to be inaugurated during the Strasbourg session in December 2011. The 2,5 years it has taken the European institutions and member states to sign a paper enabling the further democratization of the union, equal in number the amount of years I will be able to actively work towards a democratization of the union.

There have not been any official callings of me to the parliament yet – apparently such notifications will be sent out only after the Belgian government have had their ratification approved by the depository of treaty documents in Rome. That means, that should such notification from the Belgian government and subsequent approval by Rome take more than 12 days from today, my inauguration will instead occur during the January plenary in Strasbourg.

Certainly my perspectives on bureaucracy, democracy and their many interactions have developed during these 2 years, but for the remainder of this legislature I’ll do my best to advance this union :) )

Goodnight and till tomorrow,


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