Comcast Data Caps Pick On 1% While Overcharging 99% of Customers

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Today I spoke with Comcast security assurance who says that my account has exceeded the bandwidth usage limit of 250GB. They say if it happens again within 6 months I will lose service for a year.

Based on recent usage trends, I fully expect to be banned from Comcast after the next billing cycle.
October 375GB – November 405GB – December 1288GB

This is all conveniently explained to us in the information Comcast has published in their FAQ.

Here, Comcast states that “well less than 1%” of users go over the allocated 250GB per month limit.

We currently identify well less than 1% of Comcast High-Speed Internet customers as excessive users each month.

The median user is said to transfer up to 4GB of data per month.

Currently, the median data usage by Comcast High-Speed Internet customers is approximately 2 – 4GB each month.

That’s 246GB of bandwidth that has been allocated per customer which is not being used, based on their given median of over 99% of customers who are not heavy users.

Assuming the higher 4GB median given and rounding down to an even 99% of non-heavy users, one heavy user such as myself (and hopefully you too, else gtfo my blog pandas!) would have to use 24,604GB in a month to go over the bandwidth that has been allocated for one heavy user and 99 of the other Comcast customers.

Although I pay for the largest “unlimited” bandwidth package, it would not be possible to approach this amount of data transfer in a single month with my connection maxed out 24 hours per day. Actually, I think December’s usage is closer to what that looks like, given my average transfer rate.

Comcast, based on the numbers you’ve given, wtf is the problem?

If the average customer is using only .016 of the bandwidth they pay for on twitter, facebook, e-mail, shopping and to have a good fap, then why the need to pick on the “far less than 1%” of customers who actually use the service? Have you allocated more bandwidth per user than your network can actually handle? If not, then it is completely unnecessary to penalize paying customers for using your service.

Meanwhile, you seem to have it made, charging 99% of your customers for over 98% more data transfer than they actually use.
That’s according to your FAQ.   “Numbers don’t lie.”

Update: It has just occurred to me that I can not back up my 500GB external HDD to a remote location or I will lose internet service. Please RT if you agree that data caps are bullshit.

Update: I have since realized that Comcast limits us to about one day of full service per month.

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