Apple vs Samsung: Patent Wars or Data Mining Wars?

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After my previous rant about the patent wars between the Apple #iPhinger and Samsung Infuse, I was reminded by simultaneous sources that mobile devices are the most invasive source of civilian data mining.

It is quite difficult to avoid having your personal data being harvested. If you have a facebook app you’re done. If you have a google owned and operated OS, you’ve been archived. If you have an Apple device, well you probably have no individual identity to speak of anyway, but they may be looking to hire you to do the data mining for them!

Apple has a tremendous amount of data, and we have just scratched the surface in pattern detection, anomaly detection, predictive modeling, and optimization. There are many exciting problems to be discovered and solved and many business owners eager to leverage data mining. The Apple Data Mining Lab encourages scientists to stay abreast of data mining research by attending conferences and working with academic faculty and students. We foster a collaborative work environment, but allow solution autonomy on projects.

I didn’t bother linking sources about facebook selling your data or google watching your every move because I thought it was obvious enough that you can go search on your own. But there you have it. Apple has more data on us than even they know what to do with and they need someone to come sort it all out.

Edit: OK maybe I went too far with the whole “If you have an Apple device, well you probably have no individual identity to speak of anyway” thing. I have plenty of friends and family who use Apple products and I love them anyway.

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