Anodyne Game Developer Pirates His Own Game

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After finding out about a copy of his game being released on The Pirate Bay, Sean Hogan responded quite positively in the torrent comments. Read the TorrentFreak article for details on that. As you’ll see in the TorrentFreak article, the original torrent has since been removed.

A super duper top secret insider at The Pirate Bay tells me that the account of the user, Frewyrn, who uploaded the game was banned by mistake, most likely getting caught up in a flood of fakes TPB mods are constantly battling to remove. (On a side note, modding is not only a lot of work, but it is volunteer work so please buy your TPB mods beer if you ever get the opportunity.)

At some point during the comments of the TF article, Sean engaged with other readers a bit. At least a couple of people suggested that Sean upload a torrent of the game and it appears that he has taken heed of the communities desire to access Anodyne and uploaded a torrent of the game using the account name seagaia, the same he had earlier used to comment on the first torrent.

Without drawing this update out any further, here is the new, official torrent along with a big Green Pirate thanks to Sean for being awesome.

Thanks to Frewyrn as well. If not for that torrent, I never would have found out about this amazing looking game which stirs up nostalgic memories of StarTropics and Secret of Mana.

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