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Green Pirate is a rogue internaut who sails the many data planes in search of uncovering and revealing to us the small mysteries that lie within. Never expecting to uncover the grand mystery, he explores many categories such as: data libre!, interbutts, file-sharing, free speech, lulz, news, bewbs, and other.

Nobody has ever seen Green Pirate. He (she?) gave up the use of human vocabulary, citing it as being too slow, via a note discovered in an empty whiskey bottle. The note was eaten by a hippo.

This blog is inspired by the compressed data packets carried to us from afar on currents of data which are then discovered by the hivemind. Ah here comes one now.

Decompressing… Done!
> Needs more lulz and bewbs!

Everything published on this domain is public at the moment of publishing and therefore free for all to copy, share, print and fold into paper airplanes or make a kite. Whatever. As with all creative works, I, the creator, could die today while this content lives on in the public in spite of my own will. Fortunately, I have made peace with this simple fact of nature. I hope that it inspires other creators, artists, writers, musicians, etc., to realize this inherent law of nature.

That is, to create something is to set it free.

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